The Great Shawl of Aamu

Filmed in the Lapland region of Finland, The Great Shawl of Aamu  is a children’s film bringing together fairy tales and documentary, live footage and animation.

“Open wide your heart and ears” said Niilo to Aamu, as he left her on the river bank… This is excellent advice given to Aamu, a little girl on a quest to see the world. “What is the world made of?” wonders the little girl… “Are there monsters, witches, ogres and sorceresses?” 

In fact, her path leads her to those living simply and in harmony with nature, all wizards in their own way. Under the benevolent gaze of her grandmother the little girl matures as she comes in contact with these characters, each one with their own delightful life lesson to offer. 

A soothing film about the beauty of the world.


One evening Aino, Aamu’s grandmother, a very wise mother figure said to her granddaughter, “If you want to grow up, you must go out and see the world!”And so the little Aamu, filmed in animation and accompanied by her fox, goes out into the world to meet with very real characters.  

The characters she meets are:

Niilo, the boatman. He’s a communicator who likes to share his joïks, poetry and joy. 

Antero, the rich man who lives in a teeny-tiny house. A solitary and slightly grouchy  being, he is nevertheless generous. His wealth comes from nature, which gives him everything he needs. 

Matleena, a sweet little lady who, as the seasons pass, collects pine roots to patiently craft them into wonderful items.

Anneli, the artist. In her studio, she always brings sunny days. She paints swans who remind her of her friend, gone to the other side of the world. 

Nellas, the reindeer herder. He takes care of his animals in the winter, and longs for them all summer. 

Jouni, the boat builder. With Jouni, we learn that to make beautiful things you must build with your heart. His work is outstanding.

Juhani and Leena live in a house round like the sky. Juhani watches the heavens while Leena has her feet firmly planted on the ground. Together they form a couple who enjoy and celebrate life.

Following her time with Juhani and Leena, Aamu wishes to return to her grandmother, whose voice she has heard all during her quest. She finds Niilo, to get back to the other shore.

Her grandmother, Aino, greets her with the shawl she knit for her during her transformative voyage.

42 minutes, Copyright 2020


Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival – 2020

Indigenous People’s Film Festival (Inari) – 2021

FIFEM (Festival international du film pour enfants de Montréal) – 2021

Festival Internacional de Cine para los ninos (y no tan ninos) (Mexico) – 2021

MOOOV – Films facing the world – Belgium – April 2022

Palestine Cinema Days – November 2022

The film is available on the BENELUX territory on the MOOOV platform

With the kind participation of:

Antero Saralehto

Matleena Fofonoff

Anneli Kaarret

Niilo Länsman

Jouni Laiti

Juhani Harjunharja

Marja Leena Niiranen

Niilo Vuomajoki

Aino Snellman

Aamu Aurora Pieski

Director : Lucie Lambert

Researcher, assistant director and sound recordist: Thora Herrmann

Director of photography: Christian M. Fournier

Sound designer: Claude Beaugrand

Voices (in French, English and Finnish): Anne M. Paré

Voices (Northern Sami): Aura Mari Pieski

Script, editing, drawings, animation and second-unit camera: Lucie Lambert

Original music: Pierre-Antoine Tanguay, Kim Drouin-Radcliffe , Simon Gaboury

Producer: Lucie Lambert, Les films du tricycle