Le grand châle d'Aamu, un film de Lucie Lambert

The Great Shawl of Aamu

Medium-length narrative film. A children’s tale. 2020

« If you want to grow up, you must go out and see the world! »

L'inventaire des biens meubles de Monsieur Lambert, un film de Lucie Lambert

Monsieur Lambert’s Inventory of Personal Property

Short experimental film, 2016

What to do with the objects and personal effects left behind by our loved ones?

Jacques André, à Uashat, dans Aimer, finir, un film de Lucie Lambert

Wordless Landscape

Medium-length documentary, 2009.

A film about love and loss.

Précis du quotidien

Précis of the Everyday

Short film, 2008.

A foray into the life of a mother and her children.

Attente du train pour Schefferville dans Le père de Gracile, un film de Lucie Lambert

Gracile’s Father

Feature-length film, 2004, fable documentary.

The journey of a little girl looking for her father in the North of Quebec.

Avant le jour, un film de Lucie Lambert

Before Daybreak

Feature-length documentary, 2000.

A film about the transmission of life.

Paysage sous les paupières, un film de Lucie Lambert

Landscape in the Mind’s Eye

Medium-length documentary, 1995.

The spirit of a small village through childhood.